School Committee 9-20-23

Open Agenda

Call to Order 00:00:56

Public Comment 00:03:11

Announcements from the Chair 00:08:00

Election and Swearing In of the Vice Chair 00:09:50

Mayor's Update 00:12:25

Remarks from the Student Advisory Committee 00:14:48

Superintendent's Update 00:18:00

A. Vote on Amendment to the Contract for the Assistant Superintendent for Equity, Diversity, and Community Engagement — B. Announcements

Office of Teaching and Learning & Office of Studnt Supports: Strategic Plan Presentation 00:22:54

Executive Director of Finance & Operations Update 01:01:23

A. FY23 Operating and Capital Budget — B. FY24 Operating and Capital Budgets — C. Transportation Update

Discussion & Vote on Charter Review Committee Appointment 01:12:03

The applicant is Jonna Rubin.

Preliminary Discussion on Recommendations to the Charter Review Committee 01:13:22

Subcommittee Reports 01:28:55

Approval of Gifts & Minutes 01:30:02