School Committee 6-7-23

Open Agenda

Call to Order 00:00:57

Public Comment 00:04:03

Mayor's Update 00:22:40

Introduction to Newly-Elected Student Advisory Committee Members 00:24:13

Request from the FTA to Join a Resolution in Support of the Thrive Act 00:28:06

Superintendent's Update 00:35:59

A. FHS Incident Tracker Updates: 1. Cell Phone and Wireless Coverage; 2. Mental Health Counseling Supports for the Long-Term — B. Invitation to Join the Mayor, City Council, and Superintendent for a City Pride Month Proclamation for June 2023 — C. Announcements

Progress Report on the Superintendent’s 2022-2023 School Year Goals 01:01:21

A. District Improvement Goal: Superintendent Residency & District Strategic Plan Development B. Professional Practice Goal: Portuguese Language & Brazilian Cultural Studies C. Student Learning Goal: School Start Times Study

Executive Director of Finance & Operations Update 01:23:12

A. FY23 Operating and Capital Budget — B. FY24 Operating and Capital Budget C. FY22 Foundation Reserve One-Time Assistance Vote — D. Update on Solar Projects — E. Transportation Update

Subcommittee Reports 01:53:43

Approval of Minutes, Gifts, and Field Trips 01:57:24