School Committee 5-3-23

Open Agenda

Call to Order 00:00:56

Public Comment 00:04:10

Announcements from the Chair 00:07:43

Mayor's Update 00:08:44

Remarks from the Student Advisory Committee 00:12:05

Superintendent's Update 00:13:05

A. Discussion on Tribute to the Framingham High School Class of 2023 and FPS Retirees Recognition — B. Announcements

Set Process for Annual Superintendent Evaluation 00:33:31

Nominations for MASC's Awards and Resolutions 00:35:03

Universal School Meals for All 00:36:16

Discussion and Vote on Submitting a Resolution in Favor of Universal Meals for All with FeedKids Coalition and to Support An Act Relative to Universal School Meals - H.603, S.261

Executive Director of Finance & Operations Update 00:42:07

A. FY23 Operating and Capital Budget — B. FY24 Operating and Capital Budget — C. Transportation Update

Subcommittee Reports 00:49:06

A. Finance and Operations (Including Bills & Payroll) — B. Policy — C. Building and Grounds* — D. Teaching and Learning* — E. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion* — F. Health and Wellness* — G. Climate Change, Environment and Sustainability

Approval of Minutes 00:54:27

Approval of Minutes/Gifts/Field Trips/Scholarships* 9:10-9:20 A. Minutes 1. Open Session Minutes a) March 15, 2023 2. Executive Session Minutes (As Approved in Executive Session) a) November 30, 2022 b) December 21, 2022