School Committee 3-15-23

Open Agenda

Call to Order 00:00:57

Public Comment on Non-FY24 Budget Topics 00:04:20

Mayor's Update 00:05:30

Remarks from the Student Advisory Committee 00:06:23

Superintendent's Update 00:07:24

A. Update from MWRTA — B. Announcements (including FHS Alarm Incident Action Tracker Update)

Superintendent's FY24 Budget Recommendations Presentation 00:31:04

Public Hearing on the FY24 Budget Proposal 00:48:43

Discussion on FY24 Budget Proposal 00:52:01

Executive Director of Finance & Operations Update 01:35:07

A. FY23 Operating and Capital Budget: Request for Vote on Transfer of Funds from Salaries to Expenses — B. FY24 Capital Budget — C. Request for Vote of Support and Commitment for the Renew America Schools Grant through the Department of Energy

Subcommittee Reports 01:51:07

A. Finance and Operations (Including Bills & Payroll) — B. Policy* C. Building and Grounds* — D. Teaching and Learning* — E. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion* — F. Health and Wellness* — G. Climate Change, Environment and Sustainability* (*indicates an optional report)

Approval of Minutes & Scholarship 01:56:13

A. Minutes: Open Session Minutes of February 1, 2023 — B. Scholarship: Creation of an account for a Francis Patruno Scholarship