School Committee 3-1-23

Open Agenda

Call to Order 00:00:56

Public Comment 00:04:56

Announcements from the Chair 00:29:24

Mayor's Update 00:32:40

Remarks from the Student Advisory Committee 00:37:05

Superintendent's Update 00:37:29

A. Discussion and Updates on Gunshot Detection System False Alarm Incident at Framingham High School on 2/17/2023 — B. Announcements

Executive Director of Finance & Operations Update 01:28:19

A. FY23 Operating and Capital Budget — B. FY24 Operating and Capital Budget: 1. Operating Budget Discussions: a) Current FY24 Proposed Budget, b) Annual Fee Reviews: Bus Fee (Policies EEAA and JQ), Athletic Fee (Policy JQ) and FHS Parking Fee (Policy JQ and Regulation JQ-R-3); 2. Capital Budget: a) FY24 Capital Plan Updates to the Mayor and City Council (if necessary); 3. Vote on Statement of Interest (SOI) Re-Submission to the Massachusetts School Building Authority for a Possible Early Education Center & Elementary School South of Route 9

School Committee's SIFOC Appointment 01:56:22

Advertising Process to Seek Applicants for the School Committee’s Appointments to the Strategic Initiatives and Financial Oversight Committee (SIFOC). The Seat for the Business Community Expires on 6/30/2023

Subcommittee Reports 01:59:33

A. Finance and Operations (Including Bills & Payroll) — B. Policy: Second Readings: a) KHA: Public Solicitation in the Schools, b) KLG: Relations with Police and Fire Authorities, c) New Policy KLJ: Relations With All Planning Authorities — C. Building and Grounds* — D. Teaching and Learning* — E. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion* — F. Health and Wellness* — G. Climate Change, Environment and Sustainability* (*indicates an optional report)

Apporval of Minutes 02:02:37

1. Open Session Minutes: January 31, 2023 State of the City Address — 2. Executive Session Minutes (as approved in Executive Session): a) November 30, 2022; b) December 21, 2022

Additional Public Comment 02:03:10