Board of License Commissioners 5-9-22

Open Agenda

Call to Order 00:01:04

Neko's of New York 00:02:40

Change of Hours & Menu — Neko’s of New York Pizza Company d/b/a Neko’s of New York, 969 Concord St. Unit 5

Taqueria Mexico 00:08:25

Amend Existing Entertainment License — Taqueria Mexico Framingham, Inc. d/b/a Taqueria Mexico, 40 Concord Street (Postponed from March 28, 2022 by Applicant)

The Aztec Restaurant 00:27:32

Change of Hours & Officer — All Alcohol Restaurant & Common Victualer Licenses — The Aztec Restaurant, Inc. 2 Waverly Street

El Sabor Salvadoreno Restaurant 00:33:45

New Common Victualer License — El Sabor Salvadoreno Restaurant, Inc., 740 Waverly Street

Exhibit 'A' Brewing Company 00:37:48

Temporary Restaurant Outdoor Use — Exhibit ‘A’ Brewing Company Inc., d/b/a Exhibit ‘A’ Brewing Company, 81 Morton Street — Beer Garden with Entertainment

Alleged Alcohol Violation Hearing: Los Pinos Mexican Grill 00:41:49

Los Pinos Mexican Grill IV, Inc., 183 Concord Street

Alleged Alcohol Violation Hearing: Dom's Variety 00:47:41

Prem Variety, Inc. d/b/a Dom’s Variety, 269 Hollis Street

Alleged Alcohol Violation Hearing: Sam Sushi Art & Music 00:53:13

Sam Sushi Art & Music, LLC, 181 Concord Street

Alleged Alcohol Violation Hearing: AV's Market 00:59:26

Nishit, LLC d/b/a AV’s Market, 109 (113) Beaver Street

Public Hearing: Rules and Regulations 01:04:29

Consider Amending “City of Framingham Rules and Regulations Governing Alcoholic Beverages”: a. Fees charged for Alcohol Violation; b. BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle); c. Closing time/Last call/Time at which customer's must be out of the building; d. Clarification on guidelines for relief when there is a violation; e. Other Amendments Presented During Hearing

Installation of KENO Monitor at Metro Market 02:04:45

Metro-Market, 288 (-290) Worcester Road