School Committee 3-16-22

Open Agenda

Call to Order 00:00:56

Public Comment 00:06:18

(on non-FY23 Budget topics)

Announcements from the Chair 00:13:21

Mayor's Update 00:14:21

Remarks from the Student Advisory Committee 00:16:05

Superintendent's Update 00:16:52

A. COVID-19: Masking, Testing, Vaccinations, and Data Reporting — B. Update on Future MSBA Core Program Submission for Southside School — C. Announcements

Unit A MOU 00:32:27

Discussion and Vote on Unit A Framingham Teachers MOU (if approved in Executive Session)

Superintendent's FY23 Budget Recommendations Presentation 00:38:44

Public Hearing on the FY23 Budget Proposal 01:11:50

Discussion on the FY23 Budget Proposal 01:14:07

Update from SIFOC 01:22:41

Update from the Strategic Initiatives and Financial Oversight Committee (SIFOC) Members Appointed by the School Committee

Advertising Process for SIFOC Position 01:28:34

Advertising Process to Seek Applicants for the School Committee’s Appointments to the Strategic Initiatives and Financial Oversight Committee (SIFOC). The Seat for the Individual At Large Expires June 30, 2022

Executive Director of Finance & Operations Update 01:33:03

A. FY22 Operating and Capital Budget — B. FY23 Capital Plan Revisions and Updates to the Mayor and City Council

Subcommittee Reports 01:41:30

A. Finance and Operations (Including Bills & Payroll): 1. Legal Services Review; 2. NRT Routing Topic — B. Policy* — C. Building and Grounds* — D. Teaching and Learning* — E. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion* — F. Health and Wellness* — G. Climate Change, Environment and Sustainability*

Approval of Minutes 01:56:25

1. Open Session Minutes: February 2, 2022 — 2. Executive Session Minutes (as approved in Executive Session): February 2, 2022