Planning Board 7-16-2020

Open Agenda

Call to Order 00:00:52

Approval of Minutes 00:02:11

Winch Millwood Realty Trust II 00:03:55

1060 Grove Street, 1062 Grove Street, 1062A Grove Street, 2 Winch Street, 36 Winch Street, 40 Winch Street, and 40 Winch Street RR: Winch Millwood Realty Trust II -- Application for Site Plan Review; Special Permits for Land Disturbance and Stormwater Management and Active Adult Housing; Public Way Access Permit; and a Modification to a Scenic Roadway Permit. (Continued without testimony to August 6th, 2020.)

Brendon Properties Danforth Green, LLC 00:05:51

Riverpath Drive & Oxbow Road: Brendon Properties Danforth Green, LLC -- Modification to a previously approved Planning Board Decision dated April 29, 2013.

Fran's Flowers 00:08:30

Shopper’s World Sign Application – Fran’s Flowers

Proposed Moratorium 00:22:13

Proposed Temporary Moratorium on the Construction of Multi-family Dwellings – to be enacted as an amendment to the Table of Uses in Section II.B.

Zoning Board of Appeals Membership 01:33:04

Proposed Amendment to the Zoning Bylaw to Increase the Number of Full Members appointed to the Zoning Board of Appeals from three (3) to five (5) members

1 Howard St. & 38 Park St. 02:04:48

Approval Not Required -- 1 Howard Street & 38 Park Street