Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting 10-7-19

Open Agenda

115 Grant St - VTT Grant Street LLC 00:01:00

Variances for lot area, front/side setbacks & landscaped open space; special permits for two duplexes; & variance for more than one principal building on a lot

132 Meadow St - Edward F. Moriarty 00:22:30

Petition to appeal the denial of a used auto dealer license on the grounds that such commercial use is not allowed in a residential zone

7 Lake Avenue - Andrew Fyffe 00:24:10

Finding for extension of pre exisiting, non comforting dwelling; Variance to construct addition within required front yard setback

Meeting Minutes 00:30:00

7 Edgell Drive - Joshua Haveles 00:31:05

Variance to construct an addition within the required front yard setback

516 Union Ave - Christy Rezk, KARAS LLC 00:36:00

Appeal the determination of the Building Commissioner that used auto sales are prohibited

120 & 130 Worcester Rd - Jamsan Hotel Mangement 01:02:13

Variances for rear setback, landscaped open space, and floor area ratio

556 Franklin Street - Rimark, LLC 01:29:56

Special Permit for building in the Floodplain District, Variance for upland area

120 Worcester Rd - BJ's Restaurants, Inc. 01:45:30

Variances for number of wall signs, wall sign letter height, signage on top of canopy, missing application information, and depth between sign faces

Adjournment 02:22:08