Disability Commission 9-25-19

Open Agenda

Call to Order & Introductions 00:00:45

Approval of Minutes 00:02:04

Treasurer's Report 00:03:46

Guests/Discussion 00:06:44

82 Concord Street - Lew Colton, Architect - New Variance Request

Updates on AAB Variance Requests & Complaints 00:29:36

a.) 3 Maple St. (new variance) b.) Franklin Street Cafe (variance) c.) Samba (complaint 2nd notice) d.) Pao Brasil Bakery (complaint) e.) 59 Fountain Street (variance) f.) 1 Clarks Hill Rd. (complaint) g.) Saxonville Mills (variance)

Updates from Mayor's Office 00:38:46

a.) ADA Self-Evaluation & Transition Plan update - BlueDAG b.) Role of Liaison and CPO with DC

Chair's Report 01:00:07

a.) Appointments to Boards b.) Election of Officers for DC c.) Village Hall Grand Re-Opening Ceremony d.) Loring Arena e.) Piers Park Adaptive Sailing - Summer & Fall Program f.) Accessible Parking Enforcement Program g.) Accessible parking signs at parking spaces at downtown businesses h.) Updates to ADA Plan - Open Space Committee i.) AAB Executive Director position j.) Other business

Commissioners' Reports & Updates 01:11:11

Dance Program & Sled Hockey Team through Parks & Rec.

Access Issues Updates, Trainings, etc. 01:19:45

a.) Prioritize access issues for ADA Plan b.) Plan to hold a Public Hearing regarding access issues for updates to ADA Plan c.) Update on the ADA Title II Training held on June 25, 2019 d.) Ideas & Updates for future trainings

MWCIL Updates 01:30:36

MetroWest Center for Individual Living

Additional Information 01:31:34

Additional important information not received within 48 hours of meeting

Public Comment 01:38:09

Thumbs Up / Announcements 01:39:48