School Committee Meeting 9-4-19

Open Agenda

Call to Order 00:00:53

Public Comment 00:03:15

Vote to Rename Athletic Field 00:45:45

Upon the request of the Parks and Recreation Commission, a Vote on the Proposal to Rename the Lower Athletic Field at Walsh Middle School bordering Dunning Elementary School after Barry Bograd

Homework Policy: First Reading 00:46:32

First Reading on a new policy IKB: Homework, as recommended by the Action Civics Commission and FPS Staff

Fuller Project Update 01:06:25

Fuller Middle School Building Project Update

Fuller Turnaround Plan 01:20:43

Report on the Fuller Middle School Turnaround Plan

New Superintendent Contract 01:39:42

Vote on the New Long-Term Contract Beginning July 1, 2020 for the Superintendent Dr. Robert Tremblay, as Agreed to Between the Parties

Superintendent's Update 02:25:15

Reaction to Public Comment and Vote on New Contract

Superintendent's Update 02:39:03

Student Achievement Update: Opening of School Report

Superintendent's Update 02:43:39

FY20 Budget Status

Superintendent's Update 02:45:05

Superintendent's 2019-2020 School Year Goals Discussion and Vote on Proposed Goals: 1. Enrollment & Facilities Planning 1a. Framingham High School Space Utilization Plan 1b. Framingham Public Schools Long-Term Facility Plan 2. Pre-School Research & Implementation Plan 3. Framingham Public Schools Strategic Plan Development (2020-2023) 4. Student Attendance (Chronic Absenteeism)

Subcommittee Reports 03:16:25

Approval of Minutes/Gifts 03:17:42

Minutes: 1. Open Session Minutes a. July 17, 2019 b. August 7, 2019 2. Executive Session Minutes (if approved in Executive Session) a. August 7, 2019 b. August 21, 2019 Gift: $1,000 from the Spanish Ministry of Education for MA to support the Visiting Teachers Program