City Council Meeting 8-13-19

Open Agenda

Call to Order 00:00:44

Public Participation 00:02:28

Joint Meeting: Library Trustees 00:07:43

Joint Meeting with the Board of Library Trustees: Consideration of Candidates for Vacancy

National Rarities, LLC 00:30:10

Upon request of the Licensing Commissioner, an application for a Second Hand Articles, Junk, Old Metals License for National Rarities, LLC

Diversity and Inclusion 00:37:20

Consideration of Diversity and Inclusion Position and other FY20 Classification Plan Amendments

Unpaid Bills 01:30:37

Upon request of the Finance Subcommittee, a recommendation to pay unpaid prior year bills

Transient Vendors 01:31:15

Upon request of the Council Chair, a proposed amendment to the General Bylaws - Article VIII, Section 4, Transient Vendors, Hawkers and Peddlers, Section 4.2 (first reading)

New Appointments 01:32:58

Upon request of the Mayor, to refer candidates for appointment to the Board of Assessors, Framingham Union Grants Panel, Fuller School Building Committee, and Traffic Commission to the Appointments Subcommittee for review and recommendation to the City Council

Accessory Dwellings 01:33:20

Upon request of the Planning Board, to refer a proposed Amendment to the Zoning Bylaw relative to Accessory Dwellings to the Planning & Zoning Subcommittee for review and recommendation to the City Council

Approval of Minutes 01:33:57

June 18, 2019

Appointments Ordinance 01:34:37

Upon request of the Appointments Subcommittee, a proposed Ordinance on the appointments process for boards, committees and commissions (second reading) (postponed from June 4, 2019 and July 16, 2019)

Report of the Mayor 01:50:09

Report of the Council Chair 02:11:57

Reports of Subcommittees 02:14:46

Report of Councilors 02:19:45